For God & Country (in that order)

For God & Country (in that order); Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals was released on All Saints Day (Nov. 1st), 2013 by Herald Press, an almanac of soldier saints and patriot pacifists from the front lines of Church history. Both politically relevant and theologically provocative, this field manual seeks to recapture the hearts and minds of Christians trapped between conflicting loyalties to faith and citizenship.

If you’re a Tweeter, check me out at @iamloganmi, and look for the book’s hashtag #ForGodandcountry. You might find that hashtag is used for a few different things, but part of my hope is to challenge the kind of binary assumptions about war, peace, and Christian faith that you’ll probably find associated with it…

All proceeds from sales of the book will benefit Centurions Guild, a nonprofit organization connecting service members and veterans committed to sharing the story of Christian soldiers and thinking constructively about Christian faith and military service. You can read more about the Guild by visiting,  you can “Like” us on Facebook, or follow our tweets on Twitter. We produce a newsletter called “Change of Command” and maintain a calendar of soldier saints and patriot pacifists based on their feastdays within the liturgical cycle.

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