Soldier Saints

This page is here to compile a list of recognized saints, in Chronological Order, who also were at one point warriors for various regimes. To get more in depth on some of these saints, check out this page about my 2nd book; For God and Country (in that order); Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals (Herald, 2013). 
**Key =  Saint’s Name (Feast Day by Gregorian calendar): lifespan
  • Maurice & the Theban Legion (September 22): d.287 – martyr(s)
    • likely not factually true, but the narrative force the tale provided the early Church is indisputable
  • Sebastian (January 20): d.288 – martyr
    • A captain of the Praetorian Guard, martyred twice (first for refusing to pinch incense, second for mocking the emperor)
  • Maximillian of Tebessa (March 12): 274-295 – martyr  
  • Marcellus of Tangier (October 30): 250-298 – martyr
    • his relics lie under the altar at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN
  • George (April 23): 280-303 – martyr
  • Victor Maurus (May 8): d.303 – martyr
  • Nabor & Felix (July 12): d.303  – martyrs
  • Sergius & Bacchus (October 7): d.303  martyrs
    • officers in Caesar Galerius Maximianus’s army, held high in his favor until they were exposed as secret Christians. They were then severely punished, with Bacchus dying during torture, and Sergius eventually beheaded.
  • Theodore of Amasea (February 17): d.306 – martyr
  • Demetrius of Thessaloniki (October 26): d.306 – martyr
  • Theodore the General (February 7): d.319 – martyr
  • Juventinus & Maximinus (January 25): d.363 – martyrs
    • killed by Julian the Apostate, under whom they served alongside Martin of Tours…
  • Martin of Tours (November 11): 316-397
    • feast day shared with Veterans Day in the U.S., & consecrated as bishop of Tours in 370 on the same day the U.S. celebrates Independence day – July 4
  • Victricius (August 7): 330-407
    • refused to continue to serve upon his conversion, but escaped martyrdom
  • Francis of Assisi (October 4): 1181-1226
    • turned back from the trail of war in 1204 and founded his own order
  • Ignatius of Loyola (July 31): 1491-1556
    • Spanish knight, founder of the Jesuits, AKA “God’s Marines”
  • Camillus de Lellis (July 14): 1550-1614
    • Venetian soldier who became the father of the Red Cross

Good resource:

*You can also see this list arranged by feast day by clicking HERE

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