Centurion’s Guild

I founded Centurions Guild in January 2008 with my friend and former Air Force ROTC cadet Zach Cornelius. The Guild helps people share in the living story of Christian soldiers through thoughtful conversations and meaningful community. It is the only ecumenical nonprofit organization that provides constructive, intellectually rigorous, and theologically nonpartisan training for clergy and lay ministers. We don’t currently employ any paid staff and operate entirely on a volunteer basis, so 100% of your support goes to programing.

The Guild provides instruction to Christian clergy and lay leaders in order to equip entire congregations for more effective ministry with military personnel in their care. As a veteran-run organization, our unique near-peer resources appeal to the widest range of soldiers and veterans possible. We offer training events, consulting services, and low cost publications that educate as well as inspire. In 2015, we planted ourselves in Durham, NC and we are here to stay! Our offices are located within St Joseph’s Episcopal Church on West Main Street. Give us a call anytime at 919-641-6770.

In our nearly ten years in ministry, we’ve cultivated a lot of great conversations and managed to build a community of Christian soldiers and veterans trying to think deeply about the intersection of faith and armed service.

We have produced community newsletters, titled Change of Command, but time and energy restrictions have kept us from compiling a new issue for some time now (if you would like to help out with editing or soliciting articles, email us at info@centurionsguild.org). You can read Change of Command on Scribd, see our videos on Vimeo, and we also keep a pretty active Twitter feed and Facebook Page. You can also buy a tee-shirt (see below) to show your support and help fund our ongoing work with past, present, and future service members.

Part of what we’re devoted to is amplifying the voices of other military personnel in the Church, now and in history. There is a rich tradition of soldier saints and patriot pacifists that we try to share about for the betterment of both Church leadership and  laity alike. Too often, these saints are overlooked, though they have much to teach us in our own time and context. You can see a rough calendar of these saints on our Google Calendar.

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