Course Catalogue

I have had many years experience teaching in both formal and informal settings; from top tier research institutions to alternative grassroots seminaries. To view a list of my formal teaching experience, including course list, see my Curriculum Vitae. Below you will find a list of self-paced online courses I am developing based on material I have previously offered.

  1. God’s Shalom in the Midst of Human Violence” – intensive exegetical Bible study focusing on scriptural soldiers and war in the Old and New Testaments, with particular emphasis on controversial passages and people.
  2. Death Before Idolatry” – origins of historical theology about violence focusing on the early Church, from Pentecost to emperor Constantine.
  3. The Virtues of War” – ancient and modern moral philosophy, especially virtue ethics and military service, including a history of the just war traditions, thinkers, and effectiveness. Based on my Spring 2017 course at Duke University.
  4. For God and Country (in that order)” – narrative theology as a framework for understanding story-telling, the significance of military testimonies, hagiography, and how the concept of character can transform the way we think about war, warriors, and the very nature of theology. Based on my 2013 book with Herald Press.
  5. Heartfelt Grief to Moral Injury” – theological, literary, and medical history of the forms taken by combat stress (such as soldiers heart, shell shock, PTSD, & moral injury), descriptive introduction to terms, people, and events that shaped it’s trajectory. Based on current research for a book with Wipf & Stock.
  6. Conscience and War” – pastoral theology and psychology provide crucial resources for deciphering the experiences surrounding combat that make up a person’s moral formation before and fragmentation during war in order to understand moral reintegration after war. Based on my Duke University MTS thesis.

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