Contributions: The Christian Century

I have contributed a few Christian Century articles as Logan Mehl-Laituri, all (typically) focusing on military service and Christian faith:

  • Soldier Saints Then & Now (Nov. 2014); To mark the ten days between All Saints and Veterans Day, I blogged about ten different #SoldierSaints from the first to the twenty first centuries. The Century was kind enough to publish a teaser on their blog.
  • A Christian & a Soldier (Nov. 2013); In the run up to the publication date of my second book, I posted this blog outlining a few of the #SoldierSaints that feature prominently in the military history of the Church.
  • Making Space for Veterans (Nov. 2012); Around the mid term elections, I reflected on the tragedy of soldier suicide and the space congregations must make for the complex experiences of war weary parishioners.
  • Yes, God Loves Soldiers (Apr. 2012); When Jake Tapper interviewed Rick Warren on CNN, the megachurch pastor gave a rather evasive response about war and God, for whom I filled in some theological details.

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