#Reborn4thJuly Reply Roundup #4

Just a few replies to round up this time, but some hefty ones. Less is more…

  • An Embrace of Self-Denying Martyrdom” – the Englewood Review of Books official review. This one and the Christianity Today review used the word “martyrdom,” but it doesn’t appear in the text of this review, I don’t think. Not sure where this concept is coming out so strongly in my book, but apparently it’s there…
  • Loose at the Goose” Podcast – An audio interview (not transcribed, unfortunately) that I did at the Wild Goose back in June. There are some gems in there if you wait for ’em, but the quality can be spotty. There’s some background noise, but maybe you won’t be as distracted by that as I was (my hearing hasn’t been all that great since my military time).
  • Relevant Review – By JR Fosteros (a reprint of jrforasteros.com) He and I both asked about updating the title… but oh well. His is a really even-handed review, I left reading it wondering if he would be part of “the choir” or not, which for a review is absolutely essential.
  • Amish Jihadist: “Five Questions” – A blog at The Other Journal curated by Tripp York. I was more candid for his interview than I was elsewhere, and it might give an insight into what goes on in my head a bit more (for better or worse).

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