Rest in Peace Joshua Casteel

Joshua Casteel is now a step closer to God than we here on earth are, and that is (difficult as it may be) a reason to be thankful. Joshua was an Army soldier, Abu Ghraib interogator and a Roman Catholic who devoted his life to God and to following his conscience. He was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer just days before he was to be in North Carolina for Duke Divinity School’s After the Yellow Ribbon Conference. He battled long and hard against physical ailments, but he is now in peace and without pain. The Church celebrates her holy people on the day of their death, the day they depart the camp of the Church Militant and enter the ranks of the Church Triumphant. Perhaps in time Joshua will be counted among such holy people, and if so, this day will be his feast.

I have a number of emotions and thoughts not yet fully formed, but for now, please take a moment to listen to his testimony from the Truth Commission on Conscience in War;

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Joshua Casteel

  1. Wow, in eight plus minutes Joshua shared several things that really ‘hit home’ with me: his intimate contact in taking care of his father (I just did the same with my mom before she passed in May – six intense months battling her chronic illnesses together), and his comments on conscience – how conscience is more social than personal.
    …. (Sigh) …. No matter how strong my belief in the good things to come after physical death, I don’t like disease nor the death process…and I’m still missing my mom! :/
    Judy Gale
    Chapel Hill, NC

  2. I was there that day…sitting in the audience with a group of people associated with Circle of Hope and Shalom House in Philadelphia. His testimony and the entire day was incredibly moving, and I think of it often – such a loss in so many ways. I am very thankful that his words and what he stood for have been recorded here and in other places – may he live on through them.

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