#Reborn4thJuly Reply Roundup #3

Third grouping of replies to my book, Reborn on the Fourth of July; The Challenge of Faith, Patriotism, & Conscience. Here they are, in no order whatsoever;

  • Glocal Christianity” – My friend Matt Stone actually got an advance digital copy of the book and blogged about it many months ago, but I forgot (being me) to include it in an earlier Reply Roundup…
  • Remembering is the First Act of Love: War, Peace, & Memorial Day” – another forgotten blog by my editor on their ‘official’ blog. really heartfelt and poignant.
  • Nonviolence” Ahleebu (blog), July 25th – I really like how this book review ties it in with other current events, in this case the Aurora, CO shooting, as well as other works of literature, in this case a book called Lest Innocent Blood be Shed.
  • Veteran is Fighting for Peace” Lancaster Online, July 22nd – I chatted with Jenny over lunch immediately following an event at the Mennonite Church in Akron Ohio, and her news article is not about the book specifically so much as it is about some of the general issues I raise (in the book as well as over lunch).
  • A Centurion’s Story” on Commonweal, by William Portier – long review, but winds a path few realize are worth traveling. Bill was with us at After the Yellow Ribbon and is the Spearin Chair of Catholic Theology at the University of Dayton.

Also, the Patheos Book Club on the book has ended, but they kindly questioned Christian folks about issues directly related to the book, in a video series they called “A Message to the Church on the Fourth of July,” including;

If you have one I’ve missed, feel free to let me know in the comments section. Coming soon (I think) are posts at the Amish Jihadist, Homebrewed Christianity, and one or two others I am forgetting…

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