#Reborn4thJuly Reply Roundup #2

2nd week of the book being out, and some more notable blogs about it have popped up on the internet, though it has been slowing up a bit. Here are some links;

  • Fellowship of Reconciliation; Reviewed by FOR Director Mark Johnson, who I met years ago in connection with the truth Commission on Conscience in War, if not earlier. I consider Mark a friend and was very flattered to read his very kind review.
  • Can Lethal Resistance be Loving?; Seemingly the latest Patheos bookclub blog, and a good one at that. Asks poignant questions that I indeed failed to address adequately in the text, something I am learning to live with. A fair and probing examination of the book.

Also, there are some good reviews coming online at Amazon and Goodreads (be advised; some are repeats);

Finally, did you know that it is available on Kindle already (I thought these tings took some time…)?

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