#Reborn4thJuly Reply Roundup

Here are some links to reviews of the book, good, bad, and ugly (ok, a review can’t really be ‘ugly’, but you get the reference, I’m sure);

  • From Independence to Interdependence; One of the Patheos book club entries, making some connections with Clarence Jordan of Koinonia Farms. I was pleasantly surprised to learn he was in ROTC, in fact. Good review that gives thoughtful reflection and also some additional resources for further reading/reflection.
  • Good Conscience; Another Patheos entry that piqued my interest in the “Truffaut was Right” trope, about how whatever you write about can be glamorized, even if you don’t intend it. The trope has some implications on a few papers I’m writing, so I was really grateful for an introduction to it. Also of interest were reflections on the theme of confession and the nuanced nature thereof.
  • Fighting To Die; A Christianity Today blog that came out as condescending and patronizing, made worse by the fact it was written by a Marine veteran. I was looking forward to engaging with some constructive criticism, but it was light on the former and heavy on the latter. I got the sense the author dragged the book through his own pre-conceived notions and expectations…
  • Religion News Service; Some wording flubs (“bomber” means a very specific thing to military folks, and it is not artillery), but otherwise a very optimistic review. Jana sat down with me at the Wild Goose Festival and had the luxury of asking about things that were left unanswered for her in the book, so that gives her review a little more depth.

Secondly, I wrote some zrticles myself that were published this week.

Also, there are a few different interviews up on the web, which I won’t really reflect on, since interviews are a bit more dynamic and interactive. Some, like the one I did with the Armed Services Radio Network, I don’t have any links for (tragically). Here are some to check out;



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