I am Logan Martin Isaac: Author, Advocate, & Academic

(and addicted alliterator)


To answer the palindrome my digital identity poses (I am Logan, am I?), I was born Logan Mehl-Laituri on Christmas Day in 1981. When I was baptized on the Fourth of July in 2006, I took the name of my patron saint, Martin. When I got married in 2014 on the eve of Pentecost, my partner and I took the name Isaac (which means “laughter”). Finally, although the internet insists that my domain is ORG, being neither a COMpany nor a NETwork, as an “organism” I fall under the domain Eukarya. But who’s splitting hairs?

“Writing the Wake of War” implies two very different things; one by the way it sounds and another by the way it is written.

On the one hand, the way it sounds in our heads or on our lips (“riding”), suggests that war pulls me, almost against my will, through its churning aftermath. I have been agitated by war, and I, in turn, stir up the people and ideas mixed up in war. On the other hand, the written words signal that part of my tri-vocational task as an Author, Advocate, and Academic, is to write the story of war’s demise. After all, “wake” is synonymous with a funeral, and we Christians proclaim Jesus’ resurrection is the death of death.

Most importantly, I write because I can’t imagine a world in which I remain silent about what I have learned and what I have experienced as a Christian soldier and combat veteran. Some of what I write might offend, but I hope you’ll stick around long enough to become a conversation partner.

C’mon, let’s reason together.  – Isaiah 1.18, KJV(ish)